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Looking for tile installation that you can count on?

Need a contractor that is reliable, affordable, and will show up when they say they will?

Doing tile installation can really disrupt your home or office during the work. We totally understand that.

It is important that the job be done correctly and on time. The last thing you need is a contractor that, well, might not be a committed to his alarm clock as you would expect. Right?  
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  You want to make sure that the tile is installed correctly, obviously. You have search the tile world all over and found the perfect specimen to add just the right pop to the room your working on.

At this point, it looks fabulous in the supplier’s showroom. Now you have to get it installed. Maybe it might be best to just go with the added installation cost that the supplier is showing you.

Hold off on doing that! Just take a pause, get the estimate for the tiles alone, and price out the installation separate. From a tile installer (like us…). From a professional company, with years of experience doing this kind of work.

We have the experience behind us from years of tile project work. We take a lot of pride in what we have accomplished. And our customers do as well. 

It doesn’t matter the style of tile or the scope of the project. We got you covered completely.  Do you want to be bold or subtle? Decorative or functional? Whatever you have in mind, we can definitely install the heck out of that tile installation.    

Tile Installation Edmonton

Reliable Tile Installation Contractor

  Another thing we would mention is, the supplier is most likely not going to do the installation themselves. They will contract this out to another company. And you don’t get to choose who will be completing the job.

  Or if they will show up on time…

Or if they actually have the skills you want…

The contractor that comes out to do your project will actually be working for the supplier of the tiles.

Chew on that bit of information for a minute. Oh, Good Heavens, No...
  So, pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your installation. You can just click on 587.849.4455 and it will connect you in a snap!

Or if you are timid and prefer to use email, just head over to the form on this page and fill out your information. We would be excited to find out about what you got going on and what you are looking to have completed.

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Just kidding, Quotes are ALWAYS free! Let us get one out to you!  

What do we do?

We can handle all of your tiling projects in home and at work.  We are experienced in both residential andcommercial and custom tile installation.

Kitchen Tile Installation

Bringing new backsplash, countertops, floors and more a fresh new look will make you love your kitchen again,

Bathroom Tile Installation

Whether it be a shower enclosure, tub enclosure, flooring, or walls, we can help you gain the vision you have for your bathroom.

Heated Flooring Installation

Nothing feels as luxurious as warm flooring beneath your feet.  Let us help you pamper yourself by installing heated flooring in your space.

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We provide services for Edmonton and all surrounding communities.
No tile installation project is too big or too small for us to take on!
We have done many residential and commercial projects in and around our city of Edmonton. Being a local business, when you use us for your tile installation, you are supporting local businesses. And we personally believe that is the key to having a great, thriving community! As a local business, we hire locally. And we support other local businesses in this neck of the woods, we call home If you should choose to allow us to do your tile installation, we promise we will not disappoint you. We are a friendly, reliable, qualified, and skilled group and we are determined to get the job done on time, to your expectations. We want you to be proud of the finished project, so we can be proud of the work we do. 

Click 587.849.4455 To Call. Or complete the webform to reach us by email. We look forward to meeting up with you and discovering your vision and project!   
Ready, Set, Tile!!

When you make the decision to install tile in your home or workplace, you are making a sound decision. Tiling is extremely durable, quick to clean and maintain, and can actually add value to your property. But this depends on if it is installed correctly. You can add beauty to your space, whether that be bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even home office. To get the very best results, you may want to have it installed affordably, by a qualified tile installation contractor.

For as many different projects that could benefit from tile, there are as many different types of tiling options. Some of these material options are ceramic, glass, stone, porcelain, and steel tile. Choose the type of tile that fits your project and the end results you are looking to achieve. When hiring a professional tile installation contractor, make sure that they also are experienced in that kind of installation. The finished results you expect will depend on that.

We have experience in a vast range of tiles and their correct installation. Rest assured that we will ensure the tiling is installed correctly. It all starts with the surface you are wanting tiling installed on. We take all the necessary steps to ensure any flooring will be resistant to cracking. Making sure the subfloor has correct weight disbursement, adding any anti-fracture membranes as needed, and checking for any other defects that may cause vulnerability to the tiling installation.

Speaking on tile flooring, if you are thinking about installing heated flooring, we have experience with that as well. We can make sure that everything is done correctly so your feet are nice and cozy.
We have love working on projects that involve unique design. We can even help you choose the right tile to achieve the best results for what you are imagining. This can be as simple as installing a stunning backsplash for the kitchen, creating a shower enclosure that will be the envy of all other home owners, or a tile feature that will be aesthetically pleasing to all who behold it.

We will not miss the small details either. No cutting corners when it comes to applying grout, seal, and silicone. We will make sure that the tile is sealed tight and waterproof. This is where our professional tile installation is key, so that you do not have issues down the road with your finished project.

Let us know if you need to have existing tile removed as well. As part of our quote, we can provide you an affordable demolition and removal service for that old tiling. It might be a great option for you to have us take care of that, before we begin the installation of your new tiling.

With years of tile installation experience, we are proud of the work that we have and can accomplish on client projects. And we are very keen on listening to our clients to gain a clear understanding of their vision for the project. In this industry, reputation is important. Client satisfaction has provided us referrals and that is why it is very important to us. We cannot build a solid foundation without good client care. That is what makes us different. We care.  
We wanted to mention something that is very dear to us.  That is the support that our local business community needs from us.  These businesses operate in the same community that they live in.  They attend the same restaurants, malls, schools, and churches that we do.  We need to support them whenever possible so that they can thrive in the community that they call home.  Here are a few that we support:
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