Heated Flooring Installation Edmonton

Edmonton Heated Flooring Installation

Luxury never felt so good under foot. 
  It's the kind of warmth that travels to your heart.

Heated Flooring Installation

When you pop out of that shower on a cool morning and land on warm tiling, you will think you are in heaven. 

Heated flooring is a very popular option that many renovations are including. And living in the climate we have, well it's just wonderful! With climate controls, you can control how warm you want your feet on cold wintery days. Or if you are stepping out of the shower in the evening, having a warm floor to step onto can be the perfect ending to the relaxing shower.

You might be hesitant on putting heated flooring in the bathroom. Obviously, there is water there and electricity and water don't mix. But don't worry. There are no exposed wires and such under your flooring. The radiant heating coils are enclosed within a mat that is under the flooring. You can have these installed and tile installation placed right over them safely.

If you are considering heated flooring, we would love to discuss your project with you. Simply give us a call and we can chat about your needs. Or you can reach out via our webform and we will be pleased to contact you.  

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